Do you want to make flyers for your company? The PowerPoint program can help you.

Although this Microsoft software is well known for creating slides, it is possible to create many other graphic documents. If you change the size of the slides, you will be able to design any document you want: posters, images for marketing or advertising, business cards or flyers for your company.

A PPT template allows you to create flyers, thanks to the models created by our professional designers. You can add all the content you want in a simple and easy way. The use of the program is easy and intuitive. Even if you’ve never used PowerPoint, you’ll surely be able to make your flyers!

Download a PowerPoint template to make flyers is simple and it’s for free. Click on “Download” and start your creations in PowerPoint or Google Slides. Save time and money: there is no need to order your flyers, you can create them yourself! Search for templates here and save resources for your company.

These free PowerPoint templates include:

  • Totally editable design. It’s easy to change the color palette, text, photos and other elements
  • PowerPoint Template design perfect for flyers
  • Feature-rich themes: with Charts, driagrams, pictograms, tables and much more
  • They include a family of customizable icons, with lots of editable icons in size and colors
  • You can use these templates on Google Slides or PowerPoint
  • 16: 9 screen layout (you can switch to 4: 3 by clicking on Google Slides, but some graphics may not work properly)
  • Free PowerPoint templates