Do you need a PowerPoint template with a simple and minimalist design? You’re in the right place! Here you will find a wide selection of free PowerPoint templates to download, suitable for all subjects. If you are a teacher, educator or simply if you need to create a PPT with a simple and minimalist design, here you will find everything you were looking for.

It takes a while to make a good presentation. You have to organize your ideas and think about everything that needs to be expressed. So why not try creating a presentation with a template? This way, your work will be finished much faster and the design will be professional, readable and fun.

If you need to do a thesis or dissertation presentation or if you just want simple slides, here are hundreds of minimalist designs, so that your audience is focused on what you are expressing.

A good PowerPoint presentation must include some basic elements to be successful, but the presentation design must always be simple and professional. This is the most important point, because the public must be able to read your slides without distractions to clearly follow your ideas.

Take care of the appearance of your slides with your simple PowerPoint template and your audience will be happy and interested in your ideas.

These free PowerPoint templates include:

  • Totally editable design. It’s easy to change the color palette, text, photos and other elements
  • PowerPoint Template with a Simple Design
  • Feature-rich themes: with charts, diagrams, pictograms, tables and much more
  • They include a family of customizable icons, with lots of editable icons in size and colors
  • You can use these templates on Google Slides or PowerPoint
  • 16: 9 screen layout (you can switch to 4: 3 by clicking on Google Slides, but some graphics may not work properly)
  • Free PowerPoint templates