If you want to create a presentation on the theme of technology, innovation, mobile devices, new inventions or some other technological progress, here you can get graphics, backgrounds, infographics and diagrams to make your PPT presentation.

On this page you have several technology PowerPoint templates to create modern and technological presentations.

These customizable technology templates come with editable layouts, the elements are easy to mix and change and you can easily add your content. Create professional and technology-based presentations with high-quality design and graphics that stand out.

If you need to talk about technology related topics, these PPT templates and themes are ideal for you. They contain backgrounds, images, tables, diagrams and so on, so that your slides are perfect.

Download your free PowerPoint technology templates, with technological backgrounds to make PowerPoint presentations with stunning designs.

Discover all the PPT templates that we present you here and make impressive slides on the technology topic. Your audience will be engaged throughout your talk andf they will be amazed with the professional design and high quality of your display.

These free PowerPoint templates include:

  • Totally editable design. It’s easy to change the color palette, text, photos and other elements
  • PowerPoint Template design about technology
  • Feature-rich themes: with Charts, driagrams, pictograms, tables and much more
  • They include a family of customizable icons, with lots of editable icons in size and colors
  • You can use these templates on Google Slides or PowerPoint
  • 16: 9 screen layout (you can switch to 4: 3 by clicking on Google Slides, but some graphics may not work properly)
  • Free PowerPoint templates